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Upscale Bar & Lounge

Welcoming cigar aficionados from around the world, Chaloner’s Cigar House is known for its luxury cigar lounge experience. You can expect passion, expertise, and attention from our team of cigar and spirit connoisseurs who will ensure your experience is enjoyable and memorable.

Occupying the second and third floors of the original Chaloner & Co. store, Chaloner’s Cigar House welcomes you with an opulent, upscale interior featuring original brickwork, large windows overlooking downtown, comfortable lounge seating, humidor lockers for members, pool table room, glass ceiling atrium featuring a floor to ceiling waterfall, and full bar.

Our curated cigar menu features premium handcrafted cigars which you can savor from the comfort of an overstuffed leather chair in an air-purified atmosphere. Select a signature, hand-made cocktail or your favorite spirit to enjoy as well. Our exclusive Cigar Society membership provides additional benefits and we are currently accepting names for our waitlist.

Chaloner's Member's Lounge


Store & Humidor

Located in downtown Adrian, Chaloner & Co. has always been a special place for those looking for a fine cigar, old-fashioned candy, or a fresh bag of popcorn. First opened as a newsstand in 1874, Chaloner’s has become a historic landmark. Fully renovated in 2019, the store now features a cigar humidor, handcrafted cigar selection, and curated accessories. Our Certified Cigar Sommelier Tobacconist is available to help you identify the perfect cigar for your taste and style.


Host Your Next Event with Us

Chaloner’s Cigar House provides several options for hosting business or personal events. Whether it’s a networking event, corporate meeting, high school reunion, wedding, or bachelor party, we are available to help you plan a memorable event for guests over 21. Our atrium, member’s lounge and billiards room, and the whole house are available for private bookings.

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