While we have over 1,500 cigars normally in stock, there are certain cigars that we see people come back for time and time again.

Our Certified Cigar Sommelier, Logan Davis, has identified our top 5 most popular cigars from the last year. These premium cigars are well-loved among our customers and around the world.  


Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Robusto

A unique fermentation process is a key factor in the popularity of this premium cigar. Small batches of Kentucky fire-cured tobacco are fermented in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels for 12 to 18 months. They are then hand-rolled by artisans at the Drew Estate factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.  

This specially curated blend with a unique bourbon-influenced flavor profile has a warm woody aroma with subtle hints of spice and flora. The flavorful, complex, medium-bodied cigar can be easily enjoyed in under an hour with whiskey, bourbon, or rye. This historic cigar featuring Kentucky seed and Kentucky grown tobacco exudes soothing notes of vanilla and oak with touches of spice once lit.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is particularly well-paired with this cigar.


Tatiana Vanilla Dolce

Tatian’s Vanilla Dolce is a delightful option for novice smokers beginning their cigar journey and mild enough to smoke any time of day. It is one of the leading flavored cigars in the world, boasting creamy and sweet Vanilla bean taste

The premium Indonesian wrapper covers a Dominican binder containing long fillers that undergo a two-year aging process, creating a smoother, more refined smoke. The Tatiana Dolce brand infuses notes of cream, nuts, and leather with sweet, creamy vanilla for a sweet but refined experience.

Pair a Tatiana Vanilla Dolce with an Espresso Me martini for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 


CAO Amazon Basin 2021 Toro

Rare Braganca tobacco organically grown on unspoiled tropical land in Bragance, a remote region of the Amazon Forest, is harvested once every three years. Once harvested, it undergoes six months of natural fermentation in the rain forest and then is transported out of the forest by canoe. Fermented tobacco arrives at the factory in Nicaragua four to six weeks later, it is blended with tobacco from five other countries and wrapped in an Ecuadorean Sumatra leaf.

This coveted cigar was part of a scouting mission tasked with finding new and undiscovered tobacco. It’s rarity and unique harvesting process results in only 1500-2000 boxes being produced annually. The Amazon Basin 2021 Toro’s flavor is refreshing with strong notes rain-forest sap, peanut, cocoa, and spicy raisins.

An Amazon-Indian technique inspired the unique band, which is created with a coil of twisted tobacco wrapped around four times just down the tip and you can smoke right through the coils.

Patrons love to pair this cigar with Macallan 12-Year Single Malt Scotch


Tatiana Groovy Blue Petite

This premium cigar is one of Tatiana’s top-selling flavored cigars. Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic, the Tatiana Groovy Blue Petite has an enticing flavor of berries soaked in vanilla, raspberries, honey, and cognac. With high-quality Dominican filler tobacco, Dominican binder, and an Indonesian wrapper, the complex and sweet smoke is perfect for any time of the day.

Tatiana Groovy Blue is one of the smoothest flavored cigars available today. Customers often pair this cigar with the Paradise in the Maple City for a truly mouth-watering experience.


Deadwood Leather Rose Petite Corona

Continuing the Deadwood saga, Leather Rose is that latest and fourth “sister” to be released in their popular storyline and Deadwood cigar brand created by Drew Estate.

The spiciest of the Deadwood ladies, which include sisters Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, and Crazy Alice, Leather Rose has an exotic blend of aged dark, air-cured tobaccos with a bold and sweet profile that’s woody and toasty with hints of chocolate and vanilla. 

“According to legend, Leather Rose rode back into the town of Deadwood and reunited with her sisters Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, and Crazy Alice, after leaving with one of her richest clients for parts unknown. Some say she made her fortune robbing banks before rejoining her sisters in Deadwood’s most notorious brothel.” Drew Estate

To complete the spicy experience, try Bumbu rum on a big cube with a lime wedge with a Leather Rose cigar.


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  Deadwood Leather Rose Petite Corona Tatiana Groovy Blue Petite CAO Amazon Basin 2021 Toro Tatiana Vanilla Dolce Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Robusto
Strength Medium Mild Medium-Full Mild Medium
Wrapper Brazilian Maduro Indonesian (Colorado Maduro) Ecuadorean Sumatra Indonesian (Colorado Maduro) Mexican San Andres/USA Kentucky Fire Cured
Binder Indonesian Dominican Nicaragua Dominican Nicaragua
Filler Nicaraguan Dominican Brazilian, Colombian, and Dominican Dominican Nicaragua
Manufacturer Drew Estate La Aurora/Miami General Cigars/ST Group La Aurora/Miami Drew Estate