Finding a new cigar is exciting. With all the flavors and types to choose from, it’s an amazing experience to discover a new favorite! But when you bring home your first big box of cigars, you may realize you don’t have anywhere to store them! If you’re stuck at home wondering how to store a cigar to avoid tarnishing its intended taste, read on to learn tips – including household items you can use to temporarily keep your cigars fresh.

The Best Way to Store a Cigar: Humidors

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When discussing how to store a cigar, humidors should always be the first thing you think of. For those new to the world of cigars, a humidor may sound like a major investment. In reality, humidors come in all shapes and sizes: from entire rooms to travel devices that fit in your luggage.

The goal of a humidor is to keep your cigar contained in storage at just the right level of humidity and to avoid direct sunlight. Cigars are vulnerable to both low and high levels of humidity. Primarily, the tobacco inside of them can absorb excess moisture or release moisture based on the environment its stored in.

When left outside of a humidity-controlled box or storage, cigars can lose flavor. This is especially concerning for serious cigar smokers who purchase specific types of cigars that suit their tastes.

If you plan to keep well-stocked on cigars, find a humidor that fits your budget. In the long-run, it can save you money by keeping your cigars fresh.

How to Store a Cigar Without a Humidor

However, if you’re new to cigars, you’re unlikely to jump right into purchasing a humidor for your home. That doesn’t mean you can’t temporarily store cigars! There are other options available to you, though they’re not as reliable as a humidor.

First Things First: The Box is Not a Storage Option

The biggest mistake you can make when thinking of how to store a cigar is to assume the box they came in is designed for long-term storage. If you purchased a container of cigars, the box they come in likely to be decorated and well-crafted but lacking a seal.

Without a way to seal the box, you have no way to control the humidity or temperature inside. Even if the box is plastic-wrapped, that can only function for a short time as a way to extend their freshness. And the moment you open that seal, you’ll be left with a handful of cigars that need proper storage.

Humidor Alternatives for Storing a Cigar

Plastic Bag

If you have a resealable plastic bag, you have a functional (though temporary) storage solution for your cigars. There are two ways to make use of a plastic bag for storing cigars:

  • Dry Bag – If you only intend to keep these cigars for a day or two before using them, the bag alone should be fine. It can keep the humidity at a consistent level. When you’re ready to enjoy your cigars, you can access them quickly and easily. Just make sure to reseal the pouch!
  • Adding Humidity – If you need to store cigars for a few more days, you can add some humidity to the plastic pouch. The easiest way to do this at home is to add damp sponge or paper towel, squeezing out the majority of moisture, before resealing the bag. This can help keep the humidity levels from dropping inside the bag to add extra days of storage.

This handy trick is helpful if you’ve found yourself with a handful of cigars and nowhere to properly store them. However, it’s not a good long-term solution!

Sealed Tupperware Container

If you have more cigars that need storage, you can upgrade from a plastic sealable bag to a Tupperware container. These types of containers can store several cigars at a time and are reliable for managing humidity.

Like plastic bags, it’s recommended to use a damp, squeezed out sponge to help regulate the humidity inside the container. However, because you may be keeping them in this container for longer, you’ll need to use distilled water. Regular tap water often containers chemicals that can generate mold or alter the taste of your cigars if left in storage for too long.

Storing a Cigar in a Cooler

The best option for storing a cigar, outside of a humidor, is a small cooler. Because of the size and design of a cooler, they can keep several cigars inside and also help regulate the temperature in addition to humidity.

In addition to storing extra cigars, smaller coolers can fit additional devices that allow you to make a makeshift humidor, such as humidification packets and humidity monitoring devices.

Even with these additional tools, a humidor would be a better option. But when you’re wondering how to store a cigar or several cigars, you’re much more likely to find a cooler around your home than a humidor!

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