Stress Relief and Time for Reflection

Most of us know how stress can negatively impact our lives mentally and physically. Yet it would be an understatement to say that getting a chance to truly relax eludes many of us in our busy lives. Cigars, on the other hand, are one of the ways to get us into that elusive state. After a long stressful day at work, the very process of picking a cigar, from cut to light to the last puff guides and keeps us into the present moment. This forces us to slow down, providing us with a special space to relax and perhaps reflect on our goals, dreams, loved ones, and life in general. Each wisp of smoke dissolves our stressors and replaces them with unique aromas, flavors, and maybe a new outlook on life.

Appreciation of Art and Fine Craftsmanship

Cigars, like gourmet dishes, whiskey, or fine wine, are more than just their obvious parts. Each premium cigar is hand-rolled by very skilled artisans called torcedores using special tools and techniques to create the perfect cigar. Not only is special attention taken for the look of the cigar, but also the easiness of the draw is considered. And, of course, the flavors are expertly created by master blenders concocting and experimenting to provide unforgettable palate pleasers. Growing premium tobacco from seed to leaf is also an art and science that shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. All this is to say that, certainly, cigars provide us with reasons to appreciate the labor and artistry in crafting a single stogie.

Community and Socialization

If there’s anything cigar enthusiasts know aside from great cigars is that what comes with this hobby is a great community. Like many other avocations, there comes a sense of belonging amongst like-minded folks. And with that comes potential connections with people that transcends barriers had it not been for a shared love of premium tobacco. Such camaraderie usually takes place in brick-and-mortar cigar shops and lounges near you. Chaloner’s & Co. and Chaloner’s Cigar House is exactly such a place to join others in their cigar journeys, so keep an eye on our upcoming cigar events to avoid missing out.

Of course, our in-house Certified Cigar Sommeliers also have their own personal reasons why they enjoy the world of cigars.

“When I smoke a cigar, it’s like somewhere I’ve never been. I enjoy the excitement of learning where it was born, to the flavor I didn’t know was imaginable to taste. It is always a memorable moment in time, no matter the place.”
– Joelyn

“I really enjoy the escape. For me, life is just so fast-paced on a regular basis. It’s nice to slow things down a bit, ponder my thoughts, and reflect. We’re so quick to rush through life that we often miss the little things worth slowing down for. I’d say a quality cigar and a single-malt scotch are well worth it.”
– Dillon

“For me, a cigar can be a toss-up between all the different flavor notes, aromas, and the way it fits in your hand, like a tailored suit. A pleasurable combination, a brief solace, like taking a break from it all. Just relaxing and taking your time with your favorite drink while smoking a nice cigar is an inexpensive mini vacation for the senses.”
– Lorrain

“Cigars are unique in that they combine artistry, flavor, and meditation into one single experience that I’ve never had before. As a certified yoga instructor, I value time for introspection, and as strange as it may sound to some, I consider the smoking experience as yoga for me. Also, great conversations seem to flow much more easily when there’s a cigar thrown in the mix.”
– Joshua

“I smoke cigars to discover more about them. In the context of cigars, I find the best way to learn about them is purely by process, just try one! I personally did not enjoy my first experience smoking one. I felt as if I may not have the attention span or patience for this hobby. But while working at Chaloner’s I have realized that cigars help me to escape the monotony of daily life, pause, and appreciate the finer things, ultimately helping me to slow down and reflect.”
– Logan